Top 10 Portable Techs for 2018

It’s 2018, we need the best gadgets to keep us connected to the world. While M-ICON provides great bags to use for travel (like the Urban Sling), we have come up with a list of what could go in our bags or with you during your busy travel schedules:   Apple iPhone X ($999) The […]


We are living in a world of milliseconds.  With a simple tap on a phone screen, we can capture a moment in our lives and share it with the masses. For one individual it can reach over 173.000 people.  Meet Christian, aka @Shamelesscub as he is known on Instagram.  Thumb scrolling down through 701 posts and counting, […]

Hello Summer

Summer is the time of the year where we can relax poolside and soak into the sun. We released Marquis’s black and white series awhile ago, since it’s summer, it’s time to bring him into color.

You Think You Can Dance…Um YES!

‘Be Your Own ICON’ is a motto we live by.  A saying that encourages even ourselves to push our standards.  As writers here, we love to find men that are pursuing their own dreams to become men they admire.  Launching our first feature is Marquis Cunningham, a progressional dancer that continues to push his fitness and technique […]

Day One.

When we first started to develop M-ICON, we asked ourselves what kind of brand would capture the essence of the modern-day American man living in today’s society? Since American culture has become so diverse and is constantly changing, how do you build a brand that speaks to men of all backgrounds?