Day One.

When we first started to develop M-ICON, we asked ourselves what kind of brand would capture the essence of the modern-day man living in today’s society?  Since society has become so diverse and is constantly changing, how do you build a brand that speaks to men of all backgrounds?  When we take a look at today’s man, he is becoming more comfortable with his curiosity to explore life.  He wants to be Confident.  He wants to be Bold.  He wants to be Sexy.  So first, we figured that our brand must have Appeal; a brand that will speak to and symbolize diversity.  Secondly, we felt that our brand must be a paragon of Class; a look and feel of luxury and polish.  Lastly, and most importantly, our brand must be Iconic; memorable and timeless.

Our end goal at M-ICON is to become a brand that has the ability to connect, not only to today’s man, but to our prospective consumers.  It’s not only the product that consumers are drawn to, but also the brand itself and what they stand for.  It has become increasingly important that the look and feel of a product portrays a company culture that expresses a socially responsible and worldly point-of-view.  We understand, to some level, that our product must have a relatability factor to our consumers – a connection. We believe that if we remain open and continue to explore the key areas mentioned above, we will become a brand you will be proud to have in your home.  We are a solid brand, but is still growing and morphing to an even better one.  We, at M-ICON, will continue to produce quality products for today’s man and build long and effective relationships with our consumers.