M-ICON started out in 2013 as an underwear brand that encouraged men to be comfortable in their own skin. Today, we have evolved into a company with a mission to help men strive to be their own icon. We want to work towards a virtual gathering place where we can share information and products that will help our men manifest the life they want to live. It is a goal of M-ICON to strive and create culture that is diverse and inclusive. Through media content and products that are specifically tailored to our customers, we hope M-ICON can be part of the pride that our men will grow to feel about themselves.


Our mission is to supply apparel and accessories that communicates refined style, quality, and individual expression. We understand a man chooses items as an extension of himself, and we seek to offer products that are as diverse as the men who wear them.


Our vision is to be right there with our customers and grow with them as the world around us change. We are an inclusive company, appreciating and respecting the diversity of all peoples. We are a company that understands we are apart of a larger community thus have a responsibility to have a positive impact on our customers and environments